Welcome to the Food and Drugs Control Laboratory

Food and Drugs Control Laboratory (FDCL) is a unit within the Ministry of Health in the directorate of Disease Surveillance Control and Research.

The mandate of FDCL is to protect the public against hazards and fraud in the sale and use of foods, drugs, water and to ensure that the foods, drugs and water consumed in Zambia conform to the Food and Drugs regulations of 2001 and World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. Read more..



The Food Chemistry section carries out tests on different types of foods such as cereal, grain and their products, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, beverages, alcoholic drinks, fats and oil to ascertain their fitness for human consumption and their use in order to ensure that they conform to the Food and Drugs Regulations of 2001.

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The Forensic/Toxicology section covers the study of poisons and drugs to the elucidation of questions that occur in the judicial proceedings. The work is associated with the work of police, drugs enforcement and criminal court cases.

Toxicology section provides toxicological and serological analysis in cases mainly that of poisoning.

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Samples of different matrices by the use of instrumental methods are carried out in this section. Read more…


Microbiology unit analyses food and water for the presence of contaminated micro-organisms. The unit seeks to provide high quality testing services that promote food safety by offering accurate, reliable and cost effective testing to food processors, diary, beverage, agricultural institutions and private individuals. Read more…




This section carries out physical and chemical examinations of water. There are different types of water samples received by the section. Read more…


The Laboratory has implemented ISO 17025:2005 quality management system as its operating tool and participates in SADC laboratory proficiency tests. Read More…